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More years lived? Or less years left to live? Jueves, septiembre 15, 2005

Posted by El Edu in Reflexiones Inútilmente Interesantes.
Yesterday, it was my birthday. Today is just another day. All the joy of celebrating my coming to the world, and the happiness of spending time with my dear friends, are now being replaced by this feeling of emptiness that grows inside me when I start thinkng about how little time I have left here. It seems like I have wasted so many hours of my life on such useless crap… time that has been lost for good…
But, although it may never be possible to gain those minutes back, I can decide on focusing on what lies ahead and try to make the most of the future. Of course, I’ll still throw into the ethereal dispenser countless moments filled with garbage where I’ll be doing nothing that might enrich me as a human being. Or maybe that’s what being human is all about: being able to do so much, yet consciously ending up losing it all. Is that only unaccomplished people? I guess we all believe we are productive one or another. Or at least we think so. Trying to give ourself reasons to make it bearable to live with what little things we have achieved.

Keep trying. Aim towards perfection; achieve excellence.

Listening to Architecture In Helsinki – In Case We Die (2005) Architecture In Helsinki - In Case We Die (2005)



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