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¡Felicidades al Pepi! Viernes, enero 20, 2006

Posted by El Edu in La Cotidianidad de mi Vida.

Hoy está de cumpleaños mi gran amigo El Pepi. Son 24 ya, aunque su madurez lo hacer ver aún más adulto. Pepi, muchas felicidades, y te diré una sola cosa: WE’RE GOING!

El PepiEl Tony y El Edu

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1. Garcia/Bonilla - Lunes, febrero 6, 2006

searching for Dr.Bohne. I was looking for this wonderful Dr.in a search, and your blog came up. I struggled a little to understand the spanish(somos Argentino’s), being born in the states, I’ve never read a fluent spanish article in its entirity. Dr. Bohne operated on my daughter when she was 4. That was almost 6 years ago. Anyway she’s in alot of trouble now with her feet and legs. She has medicaid, and her “trial” doctors wont touch her, or tell me there’s nothing they can do for her. He was our hero once and Im looking for him to treat her again(unsure of wether he is still practicing). If not, I’d love a clone! I know if anyone can fix her, he can. If not, I fear she’ll end up in a wheelchair. Soon having to leave the school she grew up in because she starts the second floor next year and the principal has hinted wether or not she can handle the stairs.(and the older the peers, the crueler).She recieves an Angels In Education scholarship and she’s always had a 90-105 average. But i think the school’s looking for a reason to get her out because she looks SLIGHTLY different. I’m not sure why I’m writing. I guess just a hurting mom wishing she was heard. She was bi-latteral club feet; release; tibial tendon transfers. And now she’s only grown half an inch last year(And that was only one leg, so now she’s limping badly and because of her flat feet no push off, she cannot run anymore,only trot). She’s always in pain and her back curves like an S. She so brave she never cries. But I catch her massaging her calves. And she has such a complex even though i think she’s a beautiful little curly blonde. All she wants to do is eat (I believe she is now obese). Anyway if this letter serves no purpose at all atleast for your re-creational reading and/or my venting. Thanks for listening, but I would apreciate any constructive help you could give us or advice bieng a person who has witnessed the same greatness of Dr. Bohne.Thanx again–
by the way, awesome site! cant wait to show my father.


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